Adjustable Support Pedestals: Transforming Rooftops and Enhancing Residential Buildings

Case Study : Ceramic Tile Support

Project Overview

This project involved the installation of ceramic tile supports for a large residential building. The objective was to create a visually appealing and functional rooftop garden, while ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Project Process

Our team first met with the client to discuss their vision for the rooftop garden. Based on their ideas, we designed a custom solution using our Adjustable Support Pedestals. These pedestals were installed on the roof, providing a sturdy base for the ceramic tiles. The installation process was carried out carefully, ensuring that the supports were securely fixed and that the tiles were properly aligned.

Project Outcome

The result was a stunning rooftop garden that not only added value to the building but also improved the living conditions for the residents. The ceramic tiles provided a beautiful aesthetic touch, while the Adjustable Support Pedestals ensured that the garden remained stable and safe.


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Wood Flooring Support