Complete Guide to Installing Outdoor Wood Decking with Adjustable Support Pedestals

Product Description: Our outdoor wood decking adjustable support pedestals are made of environmentally friendly materials and designed specifically for outdoor flooring installation. Their unique adjustable feature easily adapts to different ground conditions, ensuring stable and level flooring, making them an ideal choice for your outdoor projects.

Installation and Construction Method: Firstly, clean the installation area and ensure a flat, obstacle-free surface. Then, determine the spacing and placement of the support pedestals according to the design requirements, and evenly place them on the ground. Adjust the height of the support pedestals by rotating the top adjustment screw to ensure a snug fit with the ground. It is crucial to maintain the pedestals level during installation to ensure the stability of the final flooring. Finally, lay the wood decking and make any necessary adjustments.

Usage Recommendations: Before installation, ensure that the ground foundation is solid and even to prevent instability of the support pedestals. In windy or adverse weather conditions, it is advisable to increase the density of the supports to enhance stability. Additionally, regularly check if the support pedestal heights need adjustment to maintain the levelness of the flooring.