how to install deck support plastic adjustable pedestal

To install a plastic adjustable pedestal for your deck, follow these steps:

1. **Plan your layout**: Before starting the installation process, plan the layout of your deck and determine the locations for the pedestals. Consider the size and shape of your deck, as well as any potential obstructions or constraints.

2. **Prepare the site**: Ensure the site is level and clear of debris, plants, and other obstructions. If necessary, excavate and level the ground to create a stable foundation for your deck.

3. **Install the pedestals**: Place the adjustable pedestals at the designated locations on your deck. Make sure they are level and securely in place. If required, adjust the height of the pedestals to match the desired height of your decking material.

4. **Install the decking material**: Place the decking material (such as wood, composite, or stone) on top of the pedestals, ensuring that it is properly aligned and secured. Make sure to leave an expansion gap of 20mm between the joists, as recommended by the manufacturer

5. **Secure the decking material**: Attach the decking material to the pedestals using the appropriate fasteners or clips provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that the material is securely in place and properly supported.

6. **Inspect and adjust**: Inspect the deck for any signs of unevenness or instability. If necessary, adjust the height of the pedestals to ensure a level and stable deck surface.