What is the spacing distance of the Adjustable Plastic Pedestal?

The distance between the bases of an Adjustable Plastic Pedestal depends on the specific design requirements and operational environment. In general, the space between bases should be large enough to ensure that each base can independently bear its own load, without being affected by the load of other bases.

In practice, a suggested distance of about 4 to 6 feet is often used, which can ensure that the space between bases is sufficient to bear the load that the base is supporting, while also providing enough space for personnel and equipment to operate. However, this is just a reference value, and the actual distance should be adjusted based on the actual situation.

It should be noted that if the distance between bases is too small, it may cause interference between bases, affecting the stability and load-bearing capability of the bases. Therefore, when determining the placement distance of bases, considerations should be given to the load of the bases, the operational environment, and other factors.