Adjustable support base for tiling cases

Case Study : Rooftop Garden Support

Project Overview

This project involved the creation of a rooftop garden in a residential building. The objective was to transform the flat roof into a lush green space, providing a relaxing environment for the residents.

Project Process

Our team worked closely with the client to design a unique rooftop garden layout. We utilized our Wood Flooring Support and our Ceramic Tile Support System to install the garden elements, such as planters and benches. These supports provided a solid foundation, enabling the garden elements to be securely placed without causing damage to the roof structure.

Project Outcome

The rooftop garden became a popular spot among the residents, providing a place for them to relax and enjoy nature. The Adjustable Support Pedestals played a crucial role in making the garden possible, ensuring that the garden elements were securely installed and the garden remained stable and safe.

These case studies demonstrate how our Adjustable Support Pedestals can be used in various applications, from creating a stunning rooftop garden to supporting a large residential building.

Adjustable support pedestal

Adjustable support pedestal